Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death Attorney

When you lose a loved one to someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing, or to injuries cause by a defective product, you have the right to pursue compensation for your loss. While it cannot make things right, it can help you and your family avoid the financial hardships created by your loss, and ensure that your children still have the future opportunities that they deserve. Wrongful death attorney Fred J. Fleming is here to help. Please call right away.

Types of Wrongful Death Cases

Generally, a wrongful death case can arise out of any circumstance or event which would have been the basis for a personal injury lawsuit, had the victim survived. Examples include:

  • Auto accidents
  • Slip and fall
  • Construction accidents
  • Defective medications
  • Medical malpractice
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Bus accidents
  • Toxic exposure
  • Intentional wrongdoing

Wrongful death cases involving intentional wrongdoing can still be won, even if the person who caused your loved ones death is not convicted criminally.

Wrongful Death Claimants

In California, as with most states, the surviving spouse or domestic partner and children get preference in a wrongful death action. California law also allows certain dependents of the decedent to receive wrongful death compensation. These include:

  • Putative spouse, and the children of the putative spouse
  • Stepchildren
  • Parents
  • Minor children living in the decedent’s household for at least six months prior to the decedent’s death

A putative spouse is a person who believed in good faith that they were married to the decedent, but in reality the marriage was legally invalid.

Wrongful Death Damages

Depending on the nature of your relationship with the decedent, you may be entitled to compensation for:

  • Lost income, including future income of the decedent
  • Lost benefits
  • Lost gifts
  • Monetary value of household services
  • Lost love, companionship, society, protection, moral support, care, guidance, training, and sexual relations as applicable
  • Funeral and burial expenses

If you have lost a loved one to wrongful death, please call our wrongful death attorney at 1-800-882-5500 or contact us online. The initial consultation with wrongful death attorney Fred J. Fleming is free of charge, and if we agree to handle your case, in most cases we will work on a contingency fee basis, which means we get paid for our services only if there is a monetary recovery of funds. In many cases, a personal injury lawsuit must be filed before an applicable expiration date, known as a statute of limitations. Please call right away to ensure that you do not waive your right to possible compensation.